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Picmonic turns the information you need to know into unforgettable images and stories that are scientifically proven to increase memory retention. Learn all about Nursing, Medicine and Pharmacology by utilizing Picmonic’s mnemonic pictures with interactive video explanations.

What is Picmonic?

We’ve taken what the science shows – picture mnemonics work – and boosted their effectiveness by creating a research-proven visual learning system filled with mnemonic pictures featuring memorable characters, unforgettable stories, interactive videos and built-in quizzing.

Picmonic covers thousands of hard-to-learn facts and topics, to help you master the material that healthcare students often struggle to learn. Reduce stress in school while boosting performance on exams and pave your way to professional success.

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Find any topic via Search, or by Browsing Playlists organized by Course, Body System, or Exam. You can even follow popular textbooks page by page using our Book Playlists.



Remember more in less time!

  • Quick & effective 2-minute Picmonic videos featuring mnemonic pictures
  • Connects difficult to remember facts with unforgettable characters
  • Ties the facts together into ridiculously memorable stories

Convenient & robust:

  • Access topic summaries, fact definitions and exact imagery you’ll see on your healthcare and medical exams
  • Add your own custom facts and characters, or create your own Picmonics
  • Audio speed control functionality so you can go at your own pace


Reinforce what you learn and track your progress with thousands of built-in rapid review multiple-choice quizzes. Low-stakes recall testing helps improve retention.

(Roediger & Karpicke)

Spaced Review

Our intelligent spaced-repetition algorithms automatically adjust to your learning needs, so you’ll be reminded to review the right information, at the right time - increasing long-term retention.


What Students Have to Say About Picmonic


Maybree L.

Picmonic is an excellent resource to help you remember all of the difficult topics. As a medical student, it is important to find resources that allow you to learn in a way that helps you as an individual. I am a visual learner, and Picmonic makes it easy and fun to prepare for my board exam!

Maybree L.Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences College for Osteopathic Medicine
Heather A.

Picmonic works. Plain and simple. You can curate to your specific curriculum. I am amazed at how well I remember things from a year ago thanks to Picmonics.

Heather A.Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson