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Picmonic’s visual learning platform makes patient care technician study a breeze. Conquer complex topics and master PCT skills with engaging mnemonics, practice questions and comprehensive study guides to ace your NHA exam.

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Prepare for your Patient Care Technician Certification

We make studying more efficient and effective when preparing to be a Patient Care Technician/Assistant or working on certification. Mastering the topics in Picmonic for Patient Care Technicians leads to acing the NHA exam and becoming a successful healthcare professional.

Dominate Your Classes

770+ Need-to-Know Patient Care Technician Concepts. Over 5,000 facts, organized by courses and body systems. Everything you need to know to succeed in your Patient Care Technician program, presented as entertaining & engaging mnemonic flashcards.

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Ridiculously Effective PCT Study

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Unlimited access to 770+ Picmonics covering 5,000+ need to know PCT facts.

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Unlimited quizzing, with 5,000+ multiple choice questions for the ultimate NHA exam prep.

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Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition (Auto-generated daily queue of study topics).

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Personal Dashboard with customized PCT study recommendations for school or NHA exam prep.

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Add facts and create your own Picmonics.

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Create and share personalized playlists.

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Study anytime, anywhere with Print & Go, and iOS and Android mobile apps.

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Access patient care technician study guides, webinar videos, infographics and more.

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Picmonic for Patient Care Technician FAQs

What does Picmonic offer students in Patient Care Technician programs?

If you are an aspiring patient care tech (healthcare technician), a student in a PCT program, preparing for PCT certification exams, or need a refresher as a working professional in a clinical setting, Picmonic’s online learning system helps students learn difficult to remember facts and concepts more easily, making study time more efficient and effective than using flashcards!

I’m a Certified Patient Care Technician. Do I need Picmonic?

Whether you are studying Anatomy, Physiology, PCT Professional Standards and Fundamentals, Common Diseases and Disorders, or Behavioral and Mental Health, or Pharmacology Basics, Picmonic’s picture mnemonics provide an affordable way to study more effectively, reduce stress and master the information you need to know from day 1 of your PCT certification program. Get started as early as possible to get the most benefit from Picmonic’s visual study tool over the long term, from classes to the PCT exam.

Will Picmonic help me with NHA exam prep?

Absolutely! If there are concepts you are struggling to remember as you complete your Patient Care Technician/Assistant Certification exam prep, Picmonic’s research-proven picture mnemonic visual learning approach will make those tough facts stick.

How does Picmonic help with PCT practice tests?

As you work through PCT practice questions, Picmonic can help you review PCT terminology, concepts and topics you may be struggling with, or having a hard time remembering. When you get a PCT certification exam practice test question wrong, look for the Picmonic that can help you review the topic so that you get the question right on exam day.

As a certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant, can I use Picmonic?

It’s never too late to get started with Picmonic. If there are facts and terminology you are struggling to remember when you’re on the job, or need a refresher while working in a clinical setting, Picmonic can help make sure the information sticks long term.

What is the difference between Picmonic for PCT vs CNA?

The content in each library is different. The list of study topics is based on the curriculum differences between programs. PCT programs tend to be more extensive to cover more advanced care, and their pay can be slightly higher. The topics included in our CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) product are: Anatomy, Physiology, CNA Professional Standards and Fundamentals, Common Diseases and Disorders, or Behavioral and Mental Health.

What is the difference between Picmonic for Medical Assistant (MA) vs. PCT?

The content in each library is different. The list of study topics is based on the curriculum differences between programs. The topics included in our MA product are: Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.

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What Patient Care Technician Students Say About Picmonic

Students use Picmonic from the start of their first year all the way to their certification and beyond. It’s a great investment throughout your career as a Certified Patient Care Technician.

Sydney headshot

Picmonic has definitely upgraded my study sessions. After reading my book and going over notes Picmonic helps to bring it all together in ways I never thought!

Lauren M headshot

I love Picmonic. I have always been a visual learner and these cartoons help me so much. I easily bring the image to mind when being tested on material.

Jonathan P

Picmonic is a lifesaver.

Robbin M headshot

I was skeptical of paying for a study site but, after the first week of using Picmonic, I was telling everyone about how much I have learned and remembered!

Joe F headshot

Picmonic has been great for helping me remember details I was unable to remember before in school. Utilizing spaced repetition was researched and proven to help with retention. Picmonic is not only an educational tool, but it is also entertaining and this keeps me motivated to keep logging in every single day!

Justin B headshot

It helps me learn content faster especially when I don’t have the energy to read dry text!

Brianna K headshot

Picmonic has made learning so much fun! I have improved so much in college because of this program.

Ragen H headshot

icmonic took down the stress level of learning new topics and re-learning information that I had already been familiar with. I felt much less overwhelmed with all of the material I was expected to know as an NP student.

I have the ability to use Picmonic whenever I have time and I can recall much more when it is test time. The price was steep for me, but since I took the plunge, I really do not regret it.

Nancy C headshot

I was hooked after the free trial. I still remember the mnemonics and pictures. I highly recommend it for any medical program!

Joi D headshot

I am a very visual learner and I can’t tell you how many times this helped me while taking a test. The review questions at the end of each little video helped seal the information. Also, none of the videos are so long that you get lost.

If you remember things better by association then watching these videos will help! Thank you Picmonic for helping me get through!

testimonial avatar

I love picmonics. It’s an invaluable tool.

testimonial avatar

I love Picmonic. It helps with difficult subjects and breaks them down!