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DO Students Use Picmonic to Crush Exam Scores

Successful students start using Picmonic from the beginning of medical school. By mastering material early in your journey, review for class exams and COMLEX exams is easier, and scores are higher. Our mnemonic and visual learning platform for med students makes learning more effective and efficient. Picmonic is here for you from day one through your licensing exams and into clinical practice.

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Master the Facts

  • Concise, impactful videos (2-5 min)
  • Related facts & media help you learn efficiently & effectively
  • Built-in rapid review recall quizzes
  • 13 OMM specific lessons

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Review for Exams

  • Use Playlists as study plans (organized by course topic or text book)
  • Recommended “Picmonics” to study will automatically appear on your home screen

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Efficient COMLEX Prep

  • Study for COMLEX Level 1, Level 2, and the USMLE
  • Research-proven to increase test scores 50%
  • Use with Qbanks like TrueLearn COMBANK as a refresher or learn topics you are struggling with

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Preview Before Lectures

  • Play Picmonic videos for a quick introduction to topics
  • Familiarity with facts and media ensures lectures lead to mastery of details

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Daily Spaced Repetition

  • Exactly what you need to review, when you need to review it
  • Start early so the Spaced-repetition-based Daily Quiz can automatically adjust to increase long-term retention

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Study Scheduler

  • Cover all material you need to know by your exam date
  • Algorithms automatically serve up the topics you need to know at a comfortable pace

Clinicals & Career Success

Med students who started using Picmonic in their early years of medical school achieved dream COMLEX scores and matched into competitive residency programs. Learning with Picmonic set them up with success during classes and clinicals on their way to becoming practicing physicians.

Ridiculously Effective

Built by medical professionals, Picmonic’s efficient & effective visual learning system paves your path to success.

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What is a Picmonic?

LEARN – REVIEW – QUIZ. We’ve taken what science shows – medical mnemonics work – and boosted their effectiveness with an evidence-based approach that increases retention by 331% & exam scores by 50%.

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Comprehensive Study Tool

Everything you need to know to ace your exams through graduation, boards, certifications, and more.

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Medical App for On-the-Go

No Wifi? No problem. Study Picmonics in “offline” mode, or enjoy continuous play of audio in “gym” mode.

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Anki Flashcard Add-On

Instantaneous access to Picmonic thumbnail images, explanations, high-yield fact list, Video and Quiz for any Anki flashcard you’re studying.

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Related Facts Made Easy

To succeed in medical school you have to learn a topic AND how it relates to everything else.

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Customize & Create

With powerful customization capabilities, your medical study resources become even more efficient, targeted, and complete.

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Invest in Your Future

Picmonic can help you at any point on your journey through medical school.

Choose a Plan That’s Right for You

Our entire Picmonic for Medicine Library is included with every paid plan below.

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Unlimited access to 2,000+ Picmonics covering 24,000+ need to know facts

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Unlimited quizzing, with 24,000+ multiple choice questions

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Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition (Auto-generated daily queue of study topics)

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Personal Dashboard with customized study recommendations

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Add facts and create your own Picmonics

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Create and share personalized playlists

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Study anytime, anywhere with Print & Go, and iOS and Android mobile apps

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Access study guides, webinar videos, infographics and more

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Access every Picmonic thumbnail, summary, high-yield fact list, Video and Quiz straight from your Anki app with our Anki Add-On.

calendar scheduler

Personalized custom Study Scheduler so you’ll be ready in time for each exam, without cramming.

Most Comprehensive Visual Learning Study Tool

Picmonic makes it easy to remember hard-to-learn facts so you can ace your exams through graduation, boards, certifications, and more! Don’t be left exposed — make sure your study resources cover all the topics that you will need to succeed in med school.

2,000+ High-Yield Med School Topics

Picmonic covers the med school topics that are hardest to remember and will most likely appear on important exams. From Pharmacology, Pathology, and Microbiology to Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics, Embryology, Behavioral and Psychiatry, Picmonic covers topics that other picture-mnemonic resources do not cover.

What Students Say

Picmonic is research-proven to increase retention 331% so medical students can remember more in less time. Enjoy less stress and more success!

Kate Headshot

I’ve been using Picmonic since my second year of med school & it’s helped me through block exams, all three COMLEX’s, and remembering facts about drugs, bugs, and diseases while on the wards. Even now that I’m done residency, I can picture quick review facts from Picmonics I saw years ago and I’m using Picmonic as a compliment to my pediatric board studying. I can’t say enough how much it works & can help your studying & retention.

Josiah Headshot

My school front-loaded our first two weeks of the second year with Micro and Path. Picmonic wonders on my first exam; the images and facts popped into my head after reading the questions! I also feel more engaged with Picmonic than Anki. I will be using this all year long and in prep for Step 1 + COMLEX 1.

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Picmonic is a tool that has allowed me to lay down a foundation of material before seeing the same material in class. Having this tool allows you to better understand your home exams while still being exposed to high yield material before Step1/Comlex. 10/10 would recommend for all medical students.