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Research proven to help students retain what they learn 331% longer. Picmonic incorporates known memory science techniques to maximize long term retention and is designed to engage so you will have better prepared students for their classes and exams, on their way to becoming outstanding healthcare professionals.

We are committed to student success.
Let our comprehensive learning system help you increase student engagement and improve student outcomes.

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"Picmonic is an innovative learning tool that is multi-sensory and effective at helping students improve knowledge retention. Students often struggle to master bugs, drugs, diseases and protocols using only traditional methods of study. Picmonic creatively engages students, which leads to positive self-efficacy. In turn, students attribute their success to the use of this program."

- Athena R. Ganchorre, Ph.D.
Director Office of Student Development, College of Medicine, University of Arizona
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"Picmonic takes challenging content and makes it understandable and memorable, while building the connections that will lead to better analysis and critical thinking. As a study tool, Picmonic offers review strategies that are critical for doing well on board and certification exams."

Tonya Taylor, RN, MSN, MBA, COS-C
Director of Nursing & Associate Professor at Northeast Texas Community College

Educators use Picmonic as a Resource

When your students can more confidently process, retain and recall important information, classroom performance – and test scores - will improve. When students excel, learning becomes more fun, attrition decreases and everyone wins.

Get Access for Students

Get Access for Students

Are you interested in providing Picmonic to enhance student performance with specific coursework, or for intervention and remediation? Picmonic offers institutional subscription opportunities in the form of program or library purchases, student adoption coordination, or custom solutions based on your unique needs.

Integrates with your Learning Management System

Use our Learning Management System app for Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard to embed highly effective and engaging Picmonic videos & quizzes in your assignments!

Provide your students easy access to relevant Picmonic content through your LMS and they will come to class more prepared, they will be entertained, and they will remember the critical knowledge required to pass exams and excel as competent healthcare professionals!

Even better, this app includes full LTI functionality, Single Sign-On & Grade Book data syncing.

Want to get your class or institution started for free today?

Better insights, better outcomes

Gain insights into your students’ progress, performance, and usage of Picmonic with the Faculty Analytics Dashboard! Track student progress by time or subject, create custom classes to filter by, and invite students.

Scholarships for Students

If your department provides a resource listing for students, email and we will provide a link to our Scholarships page, so students can apply for free access to Picmonic based on financial need.

Student Success Seminars

Proven Retention-Booster. Based on Memory Science.

Interested in booking our free Student Success Seminars? Let us know which topic and the best dates to schedule an in-person or webinar-style session.

  • Study Less, Remember More: Tips and Tricks for Students to Succeed in School
  • Getting on Track to Ace Exams: the Road to Success on Board/Certification Exams (STEP, NCLEX®, PANCE® and more)