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John S.

Picmonic has been key to my study strategy throughout M1 and M2. It helped me secure at least three perfect exam scores, and I plan to use it extensively for board preparation.

John S.Little Rock, Arkansas - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Medicine
Andrea A.

Picmonic has been instrumental throughout my med school journey. I may have not been the top of my class but these bizarre picmonics have helped me remember heart murmurs, brain vasculature and more. When I don't have it I feel lost lol. I always end up coming back and hope this will help me overcome the hurdle of STEP 2 CK! Thanks picmonic I <3 you!

Andrea A.True Blue, - St Georges University School of Medicine
Jordan T.

While it may sound like an exaggeration, I owe picmonic for the majority of my success throughout medical school. Being a very visual learner, I found that the picmonic’s unique method of quick, re-watchable, unforgettable stories stuck in my mind unlike anything else, including several other well-known resources that I tried. Not only was picmonic invaluable for both STEP 1 and 2, but it helped immensely when getting pimped by attendings on clerkships. I found that the things I had learned through picmonic were always the easiest to recall when asked questions under pressure. I could not thank picmonic any more profusely for their work and for being such a dependable, valuable resource.

Jordan T. - Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine