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Study Scheduler [Beta]

The Picmonic Study Scheduler is a brand new adaptive tool that will help you more efficiently learn and review all of the information you need… (Read More)

Telemedicine: Poised to Grow?

The practice of medicine is constantly evolving, adapting to new technologies and processes that increase quality of care and efficiency of delivery. Today, however, the… (Read More)

Top Med Resources and Channels for Medical School Students in 2020

Being in medical school is one of the most significant education and career paths out there. Between classes, studying, clinicals, applying for residency, and so… (Read More)

Top Nursing Student Resources & Channels for 2020

Regardless of if you are just starting your nursing journey becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or have been a Registered Nurse (RN) for years,… (Read More)

Teletherapy: The Sudden Rise of Telehealth for Therapy

What is Teletherapy? Teletherapy, a form of telehealth, is the process of providing occupational, physical, or speech therapy sessions virtually. Teletherapy is used when an… (Read More)

Top Resources for Nurse Practitioners for 2020

Being a Nurse Practitioner (NP) means having not only the skills and education for the job, but also the passion to continuously help others. Along… (Read More)

Nursing School Myths You Can Totally Ignore [Updated for 2020]

Chances are you’ve seen more than a couple medical dramas or movies before deciding to enroll in nursing school, so you have a picture in… (Read More)

Nurse Practitioner Specialties & Your Path to Advanced Practice Nursing in 2020

Being a nurse practitioner (NP) is an exciting job that takes a ton of dedication and hard work. The demand for nurse practitioners is high,… (Read More)

Match Day: How I Got my Top Choice

Congratulations! You have worked hard through undergrad, medical school and are ready to embark on your transition to residency. It’s Match Day! It’s been a… (Read More)

Picmonic and First Aid = Top STEP 1 Scores

Every year, as medical students prep for STEP 1 with First Aid for the USMLE they use Picmonic to increase retention for high yield topics… (Read More)

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